Livorno Square - West San Jose

near Santana Row

Livorno Square residents enjoy the lifestyle the surrounding neighborhood of Santana Row offers. The community's arts and entertainment options and living in West San Jose, provide an exciting array of entertainment to fulfill your needs. The West San Jose community offers a variety of events, arts and crafts, live music, sporting competitions and live entertainment.

Outside of the vibrant and active neighborhood, the nearby community offers cultural amenities sure to enrich your life. Check out the Winchester Mystery House, just half a mile away from the property, and spend the day taking in the splendor and craftsmanship of the mysterious 160 room Victorian mansion. When you're looking to get more out of your entertainment consumption than other-worldly special effects, head down to Campbell Heritage Theater and take in a variety of special live entertainment events.

Livorno Square

(669) 244-6535

3101 Magliocco Dr San Jose, CA 95128

Conveniently Close

As luxurious as your gourmet kitchen at Livorno Square may be, sometimes you just want to hang up the oven mitts and relax at a nice restaurant. The Santana Row neighborhood offers a variety of both fine and casual dining options. At our friendly apartment community, it's not out of the ordinary to ask your neighbors for dining suggestions. In fact, some of them may refer you to Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill or Paxti's Chicago Pizza.

Your life is what you make it at Livorno Square, and our neighborhood makes it easy to see just how good your life can be.